DRT TOKEN is built by a game operating platform from Digital Nuggets Technology LTD. It is released in cooperation with Vistra Limited. The《 DR Dinosaur World 》 is the first game on the operation platform.
Functions of DRT:
1.Game Bonus 2.Trading On The Chain
3.Transfering Assets 4.DApp Applications
The core of the《DR Dinosaur World》is the DB Dragon Box mining machine. About 100,000 DB mining machines are going to sell, and each DB box is a physical node to connect each other. All the alliance nodes are called “Zero Krypton Chain”, which can store information and data upon the chain. Players can use DB Box to mine the digital Dinosaur Bones through by the mobile phone APP connection. The fast way for reviving a dinosaur is gathering the same kind of dinosaur bones. Four body parts are contained 50 bones each, and 200 bones in total. Additionally, different gender dinosaurs are pairing for laying eggs, and 200 dinosaur eggs can exchange to one dinosaur ball.
DB Dragon Box is a mining machine for supporting 《DR Dinosaur World》game operation. The setting up of DB box is simple to install, which is only through the power and network. After downloading and registering APP from a mobile phone, customers can play 《DR Dinosaur world》anytime. Features: Smaller size, lower noise, lower energy consumption, stronger stability.
Technology Brief: DRT is jointly developed by interest enthusiasts from a different area, who have mastered the most advanced blockchain technology.
Technical Team:
The Technical Team owned dozens of high-level computer engineers, which mastered block-chain, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things technology major. Among with 45 tech employees accompany with six PHD from local SouthWest JiaoTong University.
Marketing Team:
Marketing Team members are from different companies, these elite including financial management, data analysis, insurance area at least 10 years of working experience.
Operation Team:
The Operating Team studied many programs with blockchain tech and many operations works with analysis. Additionally, team members achieved remarkable attainment with the Internet of Things, The Internet, and any related experiences.
Planning Team:
Planning Team members are worked for one of the top 500 company, which has a strong talent for planning and has hatched hundreds of big cases.